Multi Kulti Map: Sofia

Three years ago Multi Kulti Kitchen (MKK) was launched, I have written about most of the events they have hosted around Sofia, including: Dominican Republic, Syria, Afghanistan and Peru to name a few. The organization originated to help promote social integration among refugee and small immigrant communities through the sharing of food, but further action was needed to truly make a difference in promoting these cultures, and so the Multi Kulti Map was born. It was to serve as a guide to finding restaurants, cafes and shops dedicated to each immigrant/ refugee communities’ countries traditional cuisine. The road to find funding and researching map candidates was a long arduous task as Multi Kulti Kitchen, part of Multi Kulti Collective (MKC) that was undertaken to assemble this fantastic map.

The map was officially launched at the end of November 2013, with big fan fare at the Vivacom Arthall in Sofia. Over 200 people came out to help celebrate with the owners of the 26 places featured on the map; such as Carlos Porten from Peru, who runs the restaurant LOMO.

Boris and Boyana, also known as the Foodies’ were on hand to serve up some delectable treats from their shop, which focus on real and traditional foods.

While this event is no longer news worthy, the map is still out there and you can find it through out places in Sofia. You can also hook up with the people at the Sofia Free Tour and take map stroll.
One of the best elements of the map, for me, is the artwork. Compot Collective, who partnered with Multi Kulti on this project created the design of the map and individual images for each of the places, this one if for the Nepalese restaurant Gurka. Each poster is funky and wall worthy… 
If you would like to find out more about the map and the fabulous places featured, please visit and if you love the artwork… You will get a chance to buy some of them at an upcoming exhibit/fundraiser… Details coming soon!!!
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