Café Ma Baker

While I am not a connoisseur or even an avid coffee drinker, I do enjoy a nice latte or cappuccino when I visit Sofia, since Kyustendil’s coffee scene just doesn’t cut it. I grew a bit tired of the Costa or Starbucks, so I try to find something a little different, which was what lead me to Ma Baker, not only do you get a decent caffeinated beverage, but also freshly baked breads.

My first trip to Cafe Ma Baker was a complete bust. They have two locations and I was visiting the one at 7 Skobelev Blvd. I parked my car on the street and was walking and texting the Blue Zone parking. I ordered my coffee and then received a text saying that I didn’t pay my parking fee. I turned around and through the window of the café could see the white truck in front of my car putting the yellow boot on the tire. I ran off the line and went straight to my car. I showed them the text, but they said they I sent it too late. I was furious and they refused to see how illogical it was to boot me, while I was actually sending the message. His response was send it from inside the car, not while walking away from the car. The parking situation in Sofia is rigged, I truly believe this!
When I finally did manage to return the Café Ma Baker, the coffee was good and the freshly baked croissant, even better! There is plenty of seating and the bright cozy interior is welcoming for meeting up with friends or sitting alone and reading the paper. Worth a visit!
1.) 7 Skobelev Blvd./Бул Скобелев 7
Sofia, Bulgaria

2.) 163 Rakovska Str/ул. Г. С. Раковски 163 
Sofia, Bulgaria  
Tel: 0886 46 03 77 
Mon – Fri/пн-пт 07:00 – 20:00; Sat – Sun/сб-нд 09:00 – 20:00

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